Hello there!  I’m Kate.  I’ve blogged at Une Vie Chic for about 6 years, but my changing life called me to begin a different sort of blog.  Our house includes my handsome husband Garret (G), my spunky 2 year old Nora (Eleanor, know as E), a sassy mini dachshund Audrey, a timid lab mix Sophie, and a slightly psychotic but toddler adoring cat Max.

So what is Seeking Small all about?  It’s about seeking the small pleasures and moments in life that are too easily looked past as we rush about.  Stopping, literally, to smell the roses. The belief that a fresh pot of tea really can cure nearly everything.  It’s about putting down the phone, stepping away from the computer and living intentionally.

It’s about being real.  Not rose colored glasses here, because let’s face it, there are some really bad days occasionally.  I’m the friend who brings the wine, draws you a bath and doesn’t sugar coat.  But rather than being defeated by the bad, this blog is a place to celebrate the messy beauty of this season I’m in.

And this season is beautiful, not despite the mess but because of it.  So step over the blocks scattered about, grab a mug of coffee or tea, and find a comfy place to rest a moment.  I’m glad you’re here. 

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