Dates With Eleanor


Being a big sister to twins is rough. The babies need more watching and are in the stage of wanting to be held all the time. We have to give in to that often, and when I feel guilty, I remind myself that we did the same for E and we wouldn’t want to parent any other way. But it does mean a lot of “you’ll have to wait” and “I’ll be there when I’m done with the babies.” It can suck for E, who has always craved one on one time with us. We do try and give her snippets of our time just with her, whether that is bedtime stories or snuggling once the babies are asleep. But it’s still often that we have to hop up when both start crying.


To make sure she knows that we still adore her, we have dates with her. Whether it’s as simple as G taking her for coffee and the park, or me handing the twins off so she and I can color and paint our toenails, she says she loves Mama-Eleanor time or Daddy-Eleanor time. And quite honestly, I miss having just her to focus on too!


A week ago she and I went on a date to a pottery painting place. We got tea and cookies and set to work painting. First, she painted a big red dog (she’s a fan of Clifford). I spent the whole time painting a plate for our afternoon tea. Once she was done with the dog she kindly offered to “help” me paint my plate. I thanked her and kindly told her to back off and got her a plate of her own. We went for coffee after to round out the afternoon.


This Saturday we went to pick up our creations. They were perfect. She was super proud of her work, and I think we’ll be heading back soon. I have my eye on a vintage style santa to paint, and my heart is set on more quiet moments with the girl who made me Mama.

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