We’re Home

fieldpurpleflowersWe’ve been in England for nearly 2 months. I wrote a post the first week we got here, but it never got published as I was editing it and then got busy with the babies, finding a new home, and dealing with some hormonal PPD sorta issues. The gist of it was: as soon as we landed in the U.K. I felt like I could breathe for the first time in 5 years. Really breathe, deep breaths of life.

I love it now as much as I did before. The air here is fresh and the clouds are lower, more blanketing. The pace is slower.

We’re settling in. We move into our house in under 2 weeks. It’s nice and spacious for what I’m hoping will be a growing family. The girls have a large playroom that I can see into from the kitchen. I can have a large garden out back, and even chickens if I get bold.

I struggle with community, with letting people in. I rarely am quick in friendships, preferring to take my time. I guess I’ve been burned too often to just want to leap into a deeper connection. But the reality is that I don’t have time for shallow connections. I’m often overwhelmed by motherhood. I don’t need ladies to do lunch with….I need a tribe. I’ve found that I miss my crunchier mamas beyond what I expected; and so I’m having to just dive into getting to know people. Luckily there is a spouses group here that is active, and I’ve really enjoyed meeting people through that. I’ve met other mamas at an indoor play place on base. And I’m going to be getting active in our church’s women’s group that meets for things like tea and knitting (seriously, I haven’t met them and I love them already!).


The twins are 5 months old and their huge personalities are really coming out. E is rounding the corner towards 4 and I just want her to pause and let me soak up this time. Being in England with 3 littles is vastly different from being here just G and I. Outings have to be planned more carefully (and often result in frustration as the twins have hit the 4 month change). We can’t just hop in a car and go off on an adventure, and we’re frequently running late. But still. It’s Home. Even with all of the chaos, I’m so happy we made it back.

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