Letting Go For A Fresh Start

G and I have a problem: we love stuff. And because we love stuff, we have a ridiculous amount of it. Over the last year we donated enough to seriously give ourselves a nice bonus come tax time, and yet we still find ourselves surrounded by too much. It’s overwhelming, and quite honestly it steals our joy. We go out for coffee to avoid dealing with it. We are constantly living in a cluttered home because there is just too damn much. And finally, we’ve both had enough.

I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself and realized that my worry about getting rid of things and then needing it later made me sound like someone who had lived through a great depression type period, which is simply not true. There is so much more I could let go of, and it’s time. But this realization doesn’t mean squat when you have newborn twins squalling at you to be fed/changed/held and a 3 year old dealing with major anxiety from all the rapid changes to her life.

Luckily for us, my parents are arriving for a week-long visit later today. I’m turning 31, and the best gift I can think to give myself is a fresh start before our move back to the UK. So if it’s not something we really use, or something we absolutely love, it’s going. My parents will spend the majority of the time loving on their granddaughters while G and I move shit out of our home. And hopefully by the end of the week we’ll have some painting left to do once they go, but we’ll have a house ready for our next chapter.

I can’t wait to show you the afters….and maybe some befores if I get braver! Operation: Finding Joy In Our Home begins today!

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