This Is A Story All About How My Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down

 TwinsAndEE with the girls at 2 weeks old

I’m a writer. It’s what I do. I even think in story arcs and plot points. So to go 4 months without writing anything has felt empty. But I was pregnant and prepping for a move back to England and just couldn’t handle adding writing to the things on my plate. So here I am, preparing to start blogging regularly again, and I’ll catch you up.

In January I was in and out of triage in L&D, even being admitted once for observation. I started dilating and effacing and with twins they are super cautious. January was also when the doctors said no way in hell was I flying overseas. They worried I would go into labor over the Atlantic, and with a higher risk for hemorrhaging they handed me paperwork for the military saying it wasn’t safe. Our move has been delayed until May. February wasn’t bad, only ended up in triage once I think. What I went in for was fine, but I had a racing heart every visit and they decided to investigate. Thyroid tests and echo-cardiograms later they determined that I was in perfect health….but carrying twins. Go figure.

We weren’t due until April 19, but the weekend of March 14/15 I started having contractions that seemed a bit too real. By Monday the 16th in the wee hours of the morning I was the mother of 3. That story is for another time, but let’s just say it was intense.

So here we are. The twins will be a month old next week. Even with 2 of them it’s been easier than with E. They’re both just very good-natured babies who rarely cry. We’re continuing to prep for the move, excited to be going at a time when the weather will be beautiful. Not so excited that it’s busy season for military moves.

I think that’s it. G is in love with me and the girls and I think planning to have a dozen more. E is loving having sisters, spends a lot of time talking to them and has suddenly overnight turned into a “big girl.” And me? Well I am incandescently happy with my little family. I’m also more and more sure of who I am as a wife, mother and woman and can’t wait to write about how that is reflected in our life.