Still Here, But Perhaps I’ve Lost My Head

Oh my goodness, time has flown! G took off last week so we could work at cleaning out the basement, and though there are still a few things to do down there, it is greatly improved and I’m hopeful that by the end of July our house will need only some paint to finish prepping it for selling.

It’s been a hard balance to get everything ready while also focusing on taking down time to get coffee and let E run. Food has been basically ordering pizza or eating quick sandwiches or hitting up a local cafe because I have had no energy to really cook.

Crafting for E has taken a backseat, but I still try and get some things done. I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning drawing out what will eventually be wood toys when we visit G’s parents and use his dad’s woodworking tools. And I’m getting together with a couple other mamas soon to make play silks and more gnomes!

I’m looking forward to the move, but dreading the process of selling the house. All the fears of, ‘What if it doesn’t sell and were in England and can’t pay the mortgage?” freak me out if I think about it too much. So instead, I focus on what life will be like there with E. The exploring we will be able to do. The gardening. The hanging clothes outside to dry and it being normal there. G talks a lot about showing E the abbey we loved, exploring the grounds, and the Christmas Fayre that we’ll be there for.

I’m also really excited to write more here. To take you all along on the journey. We’ll be there for at least twice the time I was the last time so I’m sure that there will be many adventures to share!

One thought on “Still Here, But Perhaps I’ve Lost My Head

  1. We just moved from Denver to Seattle for my husband’s work, and I had so many of the same anxieties as you — about how all these small moving parts will coordinate and work together — most of which centered around the house. What if we don’t sell the Denver house? What if we sell it but can’t find a good house in Seattle? What if we find a good house in Seattle, but the closing dates don’t line up even closely? What if we have to rent an apartment? How will we find an apartment for short-term lease? And takes four cats? What if, what if, what if?


    We sold the Denver house in nine days. We closed in Denver one day, closed in Seattle the next. We were not present at either closing because we were on the road to Seattle with our four cats. We arrived in Seattle on closing day and the deed was already done. Boom.

    None of my What Ifs happened. Not even close.

    We worked with a very skilled real estate agent in Denver who specializes in out-of-state relocations and has a fantastic sales record in our neighborhood. Diana was key. She said, “All this stuff that makes you panic — it’s my job to do this, not yours. Don’t think about it. I have done this a zillion times in 14 years, so for me it’s like breathing. And know that on both ends of this transaction, Denver and Seattle, you have at least 30 people per side working for you and taking care of these sales. It’s going to go great. You’ll see.”

    She was absolutely right. My husband and I did nothing once we accepted the cash offer on our Denver house, other than agree to dates and sign papers. The work was done for us. We also trusted her judgment in how to prep the house for quick sale. She was money absolutely well spent. I know a lot of people list their homes themselves or don’t want to spend any money to improve the house they won’t even be living in anymore, but we trusted Diana and listened to her. Like I said, the house sold in nine days. Cash offer.

    So, if I have any advice for you, it’s twofold: (1) Many of our worries never come to pass, but if they do, you’ll just deal with them and then get on with your life; and (2) A good real estate agent is worth her weight in gold. (Only if she’s a good one though!)

    Good luck to you! What an exciting adventure!

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