A Simple Sandwich


Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Not some behemoth that you can’t get your mouth around, nor something with so many flavors it ends up overwhelming your taste buds. Just a simple sandwich, with a few ingredients, made well.

This sandwich was really an act of thriftiness. Recently canadian bacon was 50% off at our local store, thanks to it’s sell by date being the next day.  We picked up 4 packs, dreaming of eggs benedict sometime in the future.  We threw 3 of them in the freezer and saved one for these sandwiches.  I had a couple portobello mushrooms in the refrigerator from a meal I hadn’t made, and needed to use them up.  And we had a little bit of swiss cheese left from another meal.  I ran to a nearby wine store who happens to sell amazing local bread and we were good to go.

Chop up your mushrooms into smaller bits, and saute in a pan with butter until soft and dark. Cook canadian bacon, set aside on a towel.  I sliced the swiss into strips (much, much easier than trying to get even slices). Buttered bread put down (just like making grilled cheese), layered with swiss, than bacon, then the hot mushrooms spread on top. Cook until cheese is melted and bread is golden brown.

I roasted asparagus to go with this (olive oil, salt, pepper, into 400°F for about 20 minutes). It made a nice light side, and we had extra leftover from our grilled asparagus and risotto adventures as of late. It could have been slightly less expensive if I had made the bread myself because this loaf came in at $5. But it didn’t use the whole loaf, the rest will be used for croutons to top our leek and potato soup tonight. Overall, this meal cost us maybe a grand total of 12 dollars for 3 people for 2 meals (we had leftovers for lunch today), and we all exclaimed it was beyond delicious.

What are your favorite sandwich combos? I think we may be doing a lot more sandwiches as light meals this summer!


2 thoughts on “A Simple Sandwich

  1. I love a good BLT on a crusty sourdough with a fried egg and avocado! Delish! I will have to try this portobello sandwich, it sounds divine!

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