We co-sleep. Meaning every night I get to cuddle up with the husband and E. I don’t talk about it often publicly because it’s still such a taboo thing (but for the record, almost every single parent I know has or is still co-sleeping). A friend told me before hand that I should and I laughed and said no. She was delighted when we ended up choosing that less than a week into parenting. It has created a bond with my child that has helped immensely after rough nights. We all sleep better knowing that those we love the most are an arm’s reach away. And the most amusing part of it is that G has snapped numerous photos of E and I in the mornings because we’re often in the exact same positions while sleeping.

Even better, I wake up to this face:


She’s a happy child. She nurses half asleep first thing in the morning, so usually I am the one more awake. But today she said, “Hi, Mama!”  and giggling, smooched me. She’s very rarely grumpy when she wakes. She often jumps up after nursing and wants me to put on music (Pharrell Williams’ Happy being a current favorite) so she can dance.

She’s my sunshine. The face I love waking up to. I imagine even once she’s grown more, and has moved to a room of her own to sleep that I will still wake up with her smiling at me, ready to start our day of adventures. This co-sleeping thing has it’s ups and downs, but every morning is an up. Not a bad track record for nearly 2 1/2 years!

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