Mary Poppins: Revealed


My maman sent E a couple movies for Easter, including Marry Poppins.  G had only seen it once as a child, so tonight we sat down and watched it for family movie night.  In the middle G looked at me and said, “I have a theory, remind me to tell you.”

After it was finished he said he’d been working it out the whole movie.  I found his theory so amusing that I begged him to let me share it here.  He agreed that the world should know.

He believes that Mary Poppins and Bert were childhood friends, and then they went away to Hogwarts, only to discover that Bert is a Squib (child born to magical parents who is unable to do magic).  So while they clearly love one another, in 1910 England they cannot be together because they are in vastly different classes.  She works for wealthy families, and he is just barely above beggar level, taking whatever job he can to make money.  Ahh, love.

Speaking of which, I do love that my husband is a man who will sit down and watch Disney movies and even admit to really liking them.  He amuses me to no end with what comes out of his mouth after watching a children’s film.  Now I need to hunt down a pattern to sew E a Mary Poppins outfit! She really enjoyed all the music.

Do you love Mary Poppins?  Or is a Spoonful of Sugar just a little bit too much?

One thought on “Mary Poppins: Revealed

  1. Ha! That’s awesome!
    I adore Mary Poppins! It was a childhood favorite, but of all the Disney movies (cartoons included) I’ve consumed over the years, I think Mary Poppins is the lasting favorite!

    I can find fundamental flaws with old favorites – Beauty and The Beast, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, Jungle Book, etc (misogyny, racism, sacrificing large parts of yourself/identity to land a man, getting a husband will fix all your problems and unrealistic expectations about hair – seriously, Ariel how does your hair defy basic scientific laws?!). But Mary Poppins is an independent woman with a career, a love interest (that isn’t overbearing) and a real idea of who she is. She rocks! (Book Mary is drastically different than Movie Mary – that’s a different rant).

    I do think you’re on to something!
    Here’s a little more evidence – PL Travers…JK Rowling…both British. Both have non-identifying pen names. Both wrote stories about children finding their voices and hidden talents with the help of kind, nurturing adults. Rowling started writing shortly after Travers death…perhaps it was a Literary Jedi Master situation. One generation training the other to carry on. That or I’m WAY too into your theory! 😉

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