Egg-cellent Re-Use Craft


We all get them.  Catalogs in the mail.  Not only are they a waste of paper, but their styling makes me really, really want to buy it all.  The new Pottery Barn Kids catalog came yesterday and flipping through it I looked at G and said, “I see really cheap craft paper.”  I always see all these crafts using pretty scrapbook paper, but at $.50-$1 a sheet, I can’t justify getting a bunch when I can easily use up junk mail that I get for free.


All those pretty colors and patterns called to me.  I’ve begun slowly cutting out little paper hearts whenever I see some paper that I think is pretty, so that was the original plan.  But as I was sitting doing that today, I realized that the stacks of blankets in the photos would make awesome Easter eggs.  So I cut out eggs from the pages (freehand, though I’m sure a template would have helped).  Because I did it freehand it allowed me to cut different sizes from whatever small space I could get.


Then, E and I carefully laid them out on the coffee table, arranged until we were pleased (she basically kept shouting “heart!” “egg!”) and then using Fabri-tac glued them to some white cotton yard I have.  I have some pretty washi tape from the after Valentine’s Day clearance and used that to tape the eggs to the brick of our fireplace.  We don’t have a mantle, and the white was calling for a little color.


After seeing how empty the pics look we colored a little “He Is Rised” sign for above, but I still think maybe a spring-time wreath and some prints are in order.


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