Educational Play Time


I love Etsy.  I love all the cool vintage things as well as the homemade items.  But, my budget doesn’t always stretch enough for my tastes in toys.  So instead of buying them, I realized it was super simple to make some of them.  After a large order from Woodworks Ltd. and picking up some Delta Soy Paints from JoAnn’s (found in the aisle with bottles of craft paint), I went to work.

My first project was these bowls with acorns and the stacking/nesting flower pots.  They’re the perfect size for a child’s small hands, and they allow her to match colors and learn big to little.  The whole thing (split into 2 sessions) took me maybe a couple hours max, and that was with wait time to do several coats of paint.


Now, Delta Soy Paint says it self seals.  Ahem, I don’t exactly buy that.  So I sealed it with some homemade beeswax polish that I always have on hand.  You can tell in this photo the difference, because the top of the acorns are different.  I seal the whole piece, and it helps not just with the sealing, but the flower pots slide together much easier.

Not only do I love these colorful toys, but they’ve been a huge hit with E as well.  She plays with them nearly every day and it has helped with learning colors tremendously.   The acorns not only go in the bowl, but they also fit into the medium sized pot (with their little cap sticking out).  And the pots can be strung on a shoe string, working on motor skills.

I’ve been working on some other things, so stay tuned for simple projects you can do yourself for the fraction of the cost of buying.

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