Sunday Supper: Pizza Edition

Who doesn’t love pizza?  It’s a pretty universally loved meal, and easy to modify with what you have on hand.  This is the first simple pepperoni pizza we have done since moving back to the U.S. nearly 5 years ago.  We usually mix it up with all sorts of veggies, pesto, cured meats, etc.
But tonight we just wanted it to be simple, so did some minced red onion, button mushrooms and pepperoni.  I make my own sauce, and we bought the firmer mozzarella from Trader Joe and shredded it in the food processor (so much cheaper than buying bagged and nicer).
I’ve made my own pizza dough for as long as I’ve been making homemade pizza, using a variety of recipes.  Tonight I used the one that The Frugal Girl posted about last year.  It was tasty, but I will admit, even with heating the oven to 500F, my cold kitchen didn’t aid it’s rising, and 2 hours later it hadn’t doubled.  I used it anyway, and honestly it turned out fine.  To get the raised crust, I actually chose to roll the edges of my dough, and I loved how the edge crust turned out!
Finally, I tried a different way of cooking it.  I saw a pin on Pinterest suggesting to use 2 pizza stones (one above the pizza and one the pizza was on) to imitate a brick oven.  I gave it a whirl because we have 2 stones already.  I thought it seemed to help brown the toppings well.  Our sensitive smoke alarms, however did not love the hot oven burning off burned on bits on the stones (it literally seemed to liquify things off), and E ran around shouting, “PIZZA! BEEP! BEEP!” over and over.  She’s well used to our smoke alarms shouting at us.
We ended up with 2 pizzas with 12 smaller pieces each, so plenty for dinner, lunch tomorrow, and another meal on a tired evening this week.  (We do a lot of leftovers around here.)
What are your favorite toppings?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Supper: Pizza Edition

  1. We temporarily cover our smoke alarm near the kitchen with a shower cap when I know it is going to scream. Pizza is my favorite food!

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